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Welcome to the One Man Boycott website! Now we're into 2021 and with another new single due very soon, I thought I should update it, so here it is!


If you are already familiar with my music then you can expect more of the pop-punk ear-worms that you're used to, dripping with heartfelt vocals and that trademark 'Boycott Bounce'. I'm going to be lashing out acoustically too!


If you're new here - I reckon the album 'Counting The Seconds' or the single 'A Funny Way To Make Friends' is a good place to start.


2020 was difficult for most of us, but for me it also marked the end of a two year absence from music. After realising I had completely stopped following my dreams, it was the moment I decided to return to what I do best.


I'm building OMB differently this time, more robust, more active, more music... I'm at the start of an exciting Boycott journey and I would love it if you came with me.

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I suppose I should actually share what I'm thinking One Man Boycott will look like now huh? I've thought about this a lot over the past couple months these are the thoughts that persist:


•  I dream of getting back to playing live for you in multiple countries again

•  I'm determined to give my fans more 'Boycott' more 'me' than ever before

•  I need to stop over thinking so much and actually share the music I write


Like I said above, I'm building OMB differently this time. When I started I was OMB solo and grew that into a touring band that managed to play internationally and do some pretty cool stuff, it was a band in every sense.


That took priority over the solo Boycott for me but as well as having it's strengths it had weaknesses too.


This time, I'm writing full band productions off the bat and planning acoustic versions to be their own thing, this way I can almost run One Man Boycott the band and me... Joe from One Man Boycott alongside each other in Concordia.


Touring as both is on the horizon, streaming both will become a reality this year, my Patreon is where they will collide as the hub of it all with a bunch of extras for Patrons. Whether you're a patron or a non-patron, I appreciate your support more than you know... I can't wait for you to be a part of this with me.


If you want to get the most from me while directly supporting my music and enable me to create better art with more people involved as we grow, then Patreon is definitely for you.


Some of the extras Patrons enjoy include:


• Early Access

• Exclusive downloads & videos e.g behind the scenes, song breakdowns, insights, vlogs, streams

• Making a real-world difference to me by allowing me to continue to eat while making music for you


There's a load more too so get started by watching the video below, then clicking the Patreon link. I look forward to welcoming you into our OMB Patreon community!

Below are some links where I'm most active, if you like what I do but aren't ready to join us on Patreon then it's definitely worth following me on those. All my other links are on the all links page at the top or by clicking here

latesT music videos!
Track live shows!